"In a world of celebrities and fiction, fantasy and virtual reality, the world needs some creative nonfiction. In fact it needs a lot!" –Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine

Summer 2018

Issue #67, Starting Over

Creative Nonfiction #67, “Starting Over,” is dedicated to the proposition that we are all—always—works in progress. In nine new essays, writers come to terms with fate, test the limits of resilience, flirt with disaster, fall down, and get back up again … like it or not.

Plus, encouraging vulnerability in the creative writing classroom; Patricia Hampl explores the “essay mind”; coming to terms with chronic illness; tiny truths; and more.

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What's the Story #67 Lee Gutkind

"We are all—always—works in progress." read more

Daydream Believer Heidi McKinley

Patricia Hampl has not lost her sense of wonder read more

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The Hotel Cadiz

Suzanne Roberts

It only takes a minute to destroy a marriage. more

What's This Doing to My Brain?

Jennifer R. Hubbard

Are we addicted to our devices and networks? And if we are ... does it matter? more


What I Didn't Know

Edited by Lee Gutkind

A collection of riveting, funny, inspirational, and sometimes shocking stories that provide real insight into the hearts and minds of those who teach and those who have been taught. more


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