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Summer 2014

Issue #52, Telling Stories that Matter

Creative Nonfiction #52 explores the uses of storytelling--our oldest and perhaps most effective art form--in non-literary fields such as law and medicine. A special essays section features collaborations between writers and science policy scholars who teamed up to tell stories about topics including a curatorial crisis at the Smithsonian; a pediatric geneticist's decision to share potentially life-changing information with one of his patients; and one legislative aide's quest to save the Chesapeake Bay from the dietary supplement industry.

Plus, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sheri Fink reflects on the years of careful reporting behind her bestseller, Five Days at Memorial, and we look at the explosion in live storytelling series.

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What's the Story #52 Lee Gutkind

"Slowly but surely, we are beginning to see that we can use the storytelling craft to capture information about important societal problems and innovations and to communicate complicated and elusive ideas and messages." read more

On The Moth Mainstage Graham Shelby

Storytelling may be our oldest art form, but that doesn't mean it's easy to do. read more

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Elizabeth Kolbert

Environmental writer Elizabeth Kolbert on climate change, her adventures with scientists, and why her books don't have happy endings. more

Marcy Miranda Janes

"I have seen people discount the medium as “lacy,” or doily-like, not noticing that the lace is comprised of AK-47s and drones. Kind of like swearing in a lovely tone of voice." more


Southern Sin

Edited by Lee Gutkind & Beth Ann Fennelly

“The most dangerous stories are the true ones, the ones we hesitate to tell, the adventures laden with fear or shame or the relentless pull of regret. Some of those are about things that we are secretly deeply proud to have done.” - Dorothy Allison more


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