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Southern Sin

Edited by Lee Gutkind & Beth Ann Fennelly

23 true stories of women flirting with perdition.  “The most dangerous stories are the true ones, the ones we hesitate to... more

True Crime

Edited by Lee Gutkind

"True Crime is an anthology of mayhem and menace that won't make you embarrassed about reading true crime stories. In fact, you... more

I Wasn't Strong Like This When I Started Out

Edited by Lee Gutkind

This collection of true narratives reflects the dynamism and diversity of nurses, who provide the first vital line of patient care. more

A practical primer on writing “true stories, well told.”

Reminiscent of Stephen King’s fiction handbook On Writing, YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP will be useful to both new writers and seasoned chroniclers... more

Kirkus Review

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Lee Gutkind

Lee Gutkind, the go-to expert for all things creative nonfiction, taps into one of the fastest-growing genres with this new writing guide.... more

At the End of Life

Edited by Lee Gutkind

The modern healthcare system has become proficient at staving off death with aggressive interventions. And yet, eventually everyone dies... more



Creation Elation

Truckin' With Sam

Lee Gutkind

Our first real truckin’ destination back in 2003, during the era of the wet run and the Ranger, was the Grand Canyon, where, I told Sam, he would see such a sight that he could truly conceive of the notion that, if not God, then something really extraordinary—out of this world—actually existed. I said this half jokingly, although when I first visited the Canyon I was, like many people, overpowered by the pure magnificence of it all. How could such an overwhelming sight have... more


Keep It Real (Paperback Edition)

Imagine a writer working on a complicated profile for a magazine, a story about a man with radical, unsettling ideas. If his theories prove to be correct, this man could dramatically change the entire field of psychoanalysis. The writer speaks with him dozens of times, usually using her tape recorder and always taking copious notes. She is determined to understand not only whether his ideas have merit but also if the man himself is trustworthy.When she pulls together her research and sits down... more

To Morning

At the End of Life

Anne Jacobson

A shriek in the darkness drew out my shallow, sleeping breath in a singular gasp. Disoriented in the windowless room, I felt a familiar pounding in my chest that jostled my brain awake. As I fumbled for the light, the small black box continued its ear-splitting siren as it fell off the nightstand and bounced under the bed. I knelt on the gray, stained carpet and fished the beast out from the dusty collection of medical journals and soda cans that lived there. Squinting in the fluorescent light... more