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Sara Hoover: I'd like to claim Rebecca Skloot's panel, "What's Wrong with the Whole Truth?" It's fine with me if more people want to blog about it as well.

LISA RIVERO: Friday at 10:30 a.m., F143. The Rooted Narrator: Negotiating Time and Narrative Distance in Nonfiction. (Jill Christman, Debra Gwartney, Sonya Huber, Dan Raeburn, Bonnie J. Rough)

RB Moreno: R180: East and West: Creative Nonfiction and the Possibility of Post-Orientalist Travel Writing (Joshua Schriftman, Faith Adiele, Fred D’Aguiar, Elizabeth Kadetsky, Oona Patrick). 

Suzy Vitello is attending and blogging: R148. Selling Out Everyone You Love: The Ethics of Writing Nonfiction

Patrick Ross is also blogging and attending: Thursday at 10:30 am, R148: Selling Out Everyone You Love: The Ethics of Writing Nonfiction (Krista Bremer, Lee Martin, Cheryl Strayed, Stephen Elliot, Brian Doyle), State Ballroom, Palmer House Hilton, 4th Floor

Allison Schuette will be blogging Prettying Up the Baby: Publishing Creative Nonfiction in a Challenging Market as well as Friday's Creative Nonfiction in the Nuclear Age





For those of you who have volunteered to blog, here’s the deal.  We welcome you all. If you want to “claim” a certain panels or event, send us an e-mail, and we will construct a webpage that lists your intention.  On the other hand, nothing says two people can’t blog the same panel.  Who knows? Maybe you will see it quite differently. Moreover, we are certainly open to blog entries on encounters in the lobby, odd doings at the Bookfair, or overheard conversations while in line at the Starbucks.  The AWP is filled with fascinating panels, but it is much more, and as long as you can make a plausible link to the world of nonfiction writing and publishing, we want to hear it.

Try to keep them short: 500 words maybe?  Shorter is fine.

Send questions here: brevitymag(at)  If posted to Facebook, we might very well miss them.

Thanks in advance, Dinty.