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Sam at the Gun Show
by Greg Bottoms
He was sorry that some hay in the barn caught fire, sure, and that his older brother Donald beat him nearly senseless .

by Brian Doyle
Summer reminds me, God knows why, of my friend Ed, a whole species of man unto himself.

Paper Wasps
by Lee Martin

The paper wasps are more perfectly made than those of us who sometimes want to fade from the living. Industrious, persistent, they keep to their work.

Jimmy Milikan
by Jose Chaves  
Years later I would see Jimmy half-drunk on his porch step and drinking Bud Ice, and he would say hi to me in the this weird voice.

Marco Millions
by Cantara Christopher
In this stupid town I occasionally get invited to this thing or that because I’m Asian-American, so it happened one time I was invited to the opening night of an O’Neill revival called Marco Millions.

The Fist
by David Bosnick
With a wild swing of her arm her fist thumped into the middle of my father's back. He stopped and turned around slow. "Did you hear something?" he said, as if  waving off an insect.

Loving Bald Men
by Rebecca McClanahan

The first time I touched a bald man’s head I was a grown woman, and I read in the elegant bones of his skull my future for the next few hours at least.

Day of Reckoning
by Elizabeth Shanley Driscoll
In a minute Mother Stewart will come to the door with the holy water. “Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary.” 
Emergency Room, 1978
by Judith Beck

One of the cops says, "Waste of your time, doc. She's in and out of the station house all the time, always roughed up. Nothing but a hooker."
by Denice Aldrich Jobe
We chose a direction and drove, and I hung my head out the window like a dog, eyes closed against the whip of sun-streaked hair.




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