CNF Needs Your Help!

When I founded Creative Nonfiction almost 20 years ago, our office was in the dining room of my Pittsburgh home. (Or at least it started out in the dining room, and then spread into the kitchen and living room--manuscripts everywhere, in between my toddler son's toys and leftover crusts of grilled cheese sandwiches.)

Now, Creative Nonfiction is a quarterly magazine with nearly 3,500 subscribers and a total circulation of 6,000. We've just published our 50th issue, and you can find CNF for sale in Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, and elsewhere. The magazine has been a finalist for an Utne Independent Press Award in the "Best Writing" category and is a finalist for the 2014 AWP Small Press Publisher Award, and work from our pages has been awarded the Pushcart Prize and reprinted in anthologies including Best American Essays and The Best Women's Travel Writing.

Truly, 20 years ago, I could never have imagined Creative Nonfiction would encompass so much--not only the magazine, but also a website that attracts a quarter-million visitors per year and a robust online class and mentoring program that has reached hundreds of writers and students worldwide.

I need your help to make sure Creative Nonfiction keeps going for another 20 years.

Donations from individuals have played a prominent role in helping our small organization make a big impact. Your generosity helps us to concentrate on what we do best: helping writers tell their true stories better.

Please know how grateful we are that you are part of the Creative Nonfiction community. Your friendship and support are the payoff for all our hard work.

Please send checks to
Creative Nonfiction Foundation
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