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    Issue 51 Spring 2014


    Creative Nonfiction #51, our "Human Face of Sustainability" issue, features true stories about moms, scientists, farmers, and others who are trying to change the world. Plus, guest editor Donna Seaman talks with environmental writer Elizabeth Kolbert about climate change, her adventures with scientists, and why her books don't have happy endings.

    And, of course, there's a fantastic new "Pushing the Boundaries" piece and a slew of sustainability-related micro-essays. All intricately illustrated by Marcy Miranda Janes.

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    Issue 49 Summer 2013

    Survival Stories

    Our summer issue is devoted to hair-raising stories of near misses. Writers reflect on narrow escapes from a plane crash, youthful recklessness, and a train barreling down on the station.

    The rest of the issue is a writer's survival guide, with notes on making dialogue work, a love letter to literary letters, Roxane Gay on the dangers of disclosure, and a visual guide to the personal essay. Plus, we're stalking Philip Roth.

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    Issue 48 Spring 2013

    Southern Sin

    Creative Nonfiction #48 features deliciously degenerate stories about sinning in the South, from cheating at pee-wee football to the murderous jealousy of illicit lovers, the perils of shacking up, and the secret pleasures of arson. 

    All of that (vicarious) sinning calls for a little redemption. In Writers at Work, three authors explore the intersection of literature and healing. Writing isn't therapy--but can it be therapeutic?

    Plus: Tiny truths, a nonfiction sestina, and some stories we regret not being able to publish.

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    Issue 46 Fall 2012


    Oi, mates—CNF's gone Down Under, and what a world we've discovered! The new essays in this special "Australia" issue cover everything from "bikkies" to bora rings, floods to fires, and Captain Cook to Coober Pedy.

    Plus, Geraldine Brooks talks about how her correspondent years inform her fiction; Robert Dessaix praises the pleasures of gossip; guest editor Leah Kaminsky compares creative nonfiction to general medical practice; a survey of Australia's contemporary literary landscape; and more.

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    Issue 45 Summer 2012

    True Crime

    Who needs air conditioning? Creative Nonfiction's long-awaited true crime issue, CNF #45, brings a welcome chill to the summer season. Wrapped in a noir-inspired cover are true stories of unsolved murders, grave-robbing, identity theft, abduction, addiction, and more.

    This issue also features an Encounter with Erik Larson, as well as columns on our long-standing fascination with true crime; sex worker memoirs; the ethics of writing about violence; legal help for writers; and side gigs for the nonfiction 99%.

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