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    Issue 52 Summer 2014

    Telling Stories that Matter

    Creative Nonfiction #52 explores the uses of storytelling--our oldest and perhaps most effective art form--in non-literary fields such as law and medicine. A special essays section features collaborations between writers and science policy scholars who teamed up to tell stories about topics including a curatorial crisis at the Smithsonian; a pediatric geneticist's decision to share potentially life-changing information with one of his patients; and one legislative aide's quest to save the Chesapeake Bay from the dietary supplement industry.

    Plus, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sheri Fink reflects on the years of careful reporting behind her bestseller, Five Days at Memorial, and we look at the explosion in live storytelling series.

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    Issue 50 Fall 13/Winter 14

    CNF Gold

    Our 50th issue is a big deal--and that's not just hype. CNF #50 spans two seasons (Fall and Winter!) and is nearly double the length of a normal issue of Creative Nonfiction.

    To celebrate almost 20 years of literary publishing, we've created the ultimate reading experience. This issue serves as an in-depth primer and a kickass introduction for anyone new to the magazine (or the genre), while providing longtime readers with new insight and never-before-told stories about the origins of Creative Nonfiction--and a peek into the future--from founding editor Lee Gutkind.

    PLUS: We're bringing out some of our greatest hits. The issue features ten remarkable true stories from our first 50 issues, with new introductions from CNF editors past and present.

    It's Creative Nonfiction gold!

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    Issue 49 Summer 2013

    Survival Stories

    Our summer issue is devoted to hair-raising stories of near misses. Writers reflect on narrow escapes from a plane crash, youthful recklessness, and a train barreling down on the station.

    The rest of the issue is a writer's survival guide, with notes on making dialogue work, a love letter to literary letters, Roxane Gay on the dangers of disclosure, and a visual guide to the personal essay. Plus, we're stalking Philip Roth.

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    Issue 48 Spring 2013

    Southern Sin

    Creative Nonfiction #48 features deliciously degenerate stories about sinning in the South, from cheating at pee-wee football to the murderous jealousy of illicit lovers, the perils of shacking up, and the secret pleasures of arson. 

    All of that (vicarious) sinning calls for a little redemption. In Writers at Work, three authors explore the intersection of literature and healing. Writing isn't therapy--but can it be therapeutic?

    Plus: Tiny truths, a nonfiction sestina, and some stories we regret not being able to publish.

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    Issue 47 Winter 2013

    Female Form

    We didn’t set out to publish an all-women essay section, but as we were reading for this issue, we were drawn to a number of essays about, in some way, “the senses”—hearing, sight, etc. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say they’re about “perception.” And, it just so happened that these seriously beautiful essays about serious topics—entomology, ophthalmology, archaeology, molecular biology—were all written by women.

    Plus: Elissa Bassist and Cheryl Strayed talk about how to write like a mother#^@%*&; exploring the possibilities of electronic literature; a roundtable discussion about the intersection of journalism and creative nonfiction; words to avoid in your prose; and more.

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