Writing Pittsburgh Update

Creative Nonfiction and In Fact Books are pleased to announce the contributors to the first of three books in the Writing Pittsburgh series.

Writing Pittsburgh is a series of books and events that will tell the real story of Pittsburgh’s rise to national prominence and provide networking and publishing opportunities for local writers and the area’s literary community. The first book, due out in 2017, will focus on Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods as a defining and transformative feature of the city and surrounding areas.

More than 120 writers pitched neighborhood stories for the first book; the Writing Pittsburgh editorial advisory board and CNF editors selected 21 finalists.

The selected writers will participate in a day-long collaborative writing workshop on Saturday, September 19, and will work through the end of the year with Creative Nonfiction editors to develop and refine their stories.

Congratulations to the first class of Writing Pittsburgh writers; we’re looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

Stephanie Bane
Anna Barry
Jan Beatty
Brian Broome
Susie Chang
Caitlin Dwyer
Zoey Farber
Sherrie Flick
Jose Garth
Bennett Graves
Gavin Jenkins
Joy Katz
Lawrence Lenhart
Danielle Levsky
Ann Mallen
Alan Olifson
Timothy Papciak
Jennifer Pelling
Shannon Reed
Leslie Rubinkowski
Vivienne Shaffer

And belated congratulations to our first Writing Pittsburgh fellow:

Rachel Ann Brickner