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Becoming His Mother

Excerpt from Oh, Baby!
“The promised adoption papers remain elusive. I carry the constant fear that our tenuous relationship will be exposed. The presence of armed soldiers on the sidewalks in front of the hotel feeds my unease.”

Blue Pools

"Kassandra. The name sounded big. I felt like an impostor saying it. Had we chosen the wrong one?”

The Baby Room

“Adoptive parents believe in the wonders worked by love and willpower and diet and medicine. We believe was can undo almost any damage.”

Insane and Wonderful

From the Editor
"These are twenty-three essays to be savored, whether you’re up at three in the morning for another feeding, or finding yourself with a precious eleven minutes before the next nap is over."

Just Colic

“Having a baby is essentially inviting another person permanently into your family--a person whom you have never met before.”

Baby Card

“Who am I to leave this stone unturned, minutes before heading into a heart transplant? What, am I not going to play the baby card?"

The Beginning of the World

“‘It’s a girl,’ I heard from somewhere. But I didn’t know what those words meant.”

Parenting Out of the Silo

"Every so often you realize you are somewhere else entirely. Not in babyland but in toddlerhood, not new and unsure but confident—and now unsure about completely different things."

Writing Pittsburgh Update

Creative Nonfiction and In Fact Books are pleased to announce the contributors to the first of three books in the Writing Pittsburgh series. more

The Price of Writing

Between the Lines
Why would anyone work for free? It's complicated.