Digital Storytelling

5-Week Online Class

Digital Storytelling

June 25 - July 30

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$310 if registered after 6/04/2018

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Instructor: Marissa Landrigan

Most of the text we consume today comes to us through a screen, and since anyone with an internet connection can share their stories, digital technology has made storytelling more accessible and more global than ever before. Through digital storytelling, you can invite readers to interact and experiment with your stories, rearrange or find your own path through the fragments of an essay, even “play” your first-person experiences.

This beginner’s course is designed to help you discover ways to use digital communication technologies to enhance the inherent connective power of creative nonfiction—and will explore what changes and what stays the same, when you move stories from pure text to an interactive, multimedia environment, incorporating still images, sound, and/or video (and even video games).

Learn how to create digital narratives through a combination of reading, viewing, and playing. This course provides plenty of opportunity for hands-on practice capturing and editing your own image, audio, and video stories, and using digital communication technologies to enhance (rather than distract from) the inherent connective power of creative nonfiction.

How it works:

Each week provides:

  • writing prompts and/or assignments
  • discussions of readings and other general topics with peers and the instructor
  • lectures and instruction

Some weeks also include:

  • opportunities to submit writing, image, sound, and video mini-stories for instructor and peer critique 

Technical requirements: You will need access to a digital camera and basic image-editing software, an audio recorder and sound editor, and a digital video recorder and video editor. Any smartphone or tablet will do the trick, as will any computer outfitted with a camera and microphone. Resources for apps to use and tech tutorials will be made available on the course site.

Week 1: Storytelling in a Digital Age
Week 2: Every Picture Tells a Story
Week 3: Scripting Your Story
Week 4: Listen Carefully
Week 5: The Silver Screen

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