True Story

True Story is a new home for longform nonfiction narratives.

Published monthly by the editors of Creative Nonfiction magazine, each pocket-size issue of True Story showcases one exceptional essay by one exceptional writer. From issue to issue, this new mini-magazine features the widest possible variety of voices and styles and subjects.

Offering a vivid report from real life, each issue of True Story is a small immersion in a larger-than-life story or experience that makes us think differently about what it means to be human. 

Big stories. Small size. Delivered monthly.


True Story, Issue #19

"Cruel & Inhuman Treatment" by Carolyn Edgar

“Don’t marry a man like your father,” Carolyn Edgar’s mother warned her. But the impact of a family history of domestic violence proves almost as profound as the head-shaped dent in a wall of the author’s childhood home.

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