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Webinars are a convenient and affordable way to learn practical writing, revision, and publishing skills. Our experienced instructors and professionals can help you gain the skills you need to succeed on a variety of topics from the basics to the book proposal.

Join a webinar in real-time and take part in the conversation. Afterward, the recording will be shared as a resource you can return to again and again.

Webinars are open to writers at all levels. New webinars are announced regularly, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter.

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Webinars run every Wednesday at 2 pm EDT


Not Just Cliffhangers  | October 7th
Ways to Build Suspense in Creative Nonfiction
Webinar presentation with Sharon Harrigan

The Science of Scene |  October 14th
Time Perception, Neuroscience, and Story
Webinar presentation with Sean Prentiss


Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are open to writers at all levels. New webinars are announced regularly, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter.

Past Webinars

We do not sell recordings.

First, Do No Harm
Writing About Journeys Other Than Your Own

Webinar presentation with Deesha Philyaw

Cosmic Zoom 
Finding the Bigger Story
Webinar presentation with Adriana Ramirez

Writing Through the Lens
Thinking like a Photographer to Craft More Compelling Scenes

Webinar presentation with Grace Hwang Lynch

Writing Through Challenging Times 
How to Maintain your Creativity in an Uncertain World
Webinar presentation with Lisa Ellison

Beyond the ME in Memoir  
How to Write, Revise, and Publish Your Personal Essays and Memoirs
Webinar presentation with Lise Funderburg

Writing About Family
Hidden Pitfalls and Proven Strategies

Webinar presentation with Mieke Eerkens

Sharing Culture through Food Writing
How to Use Food to Examine History and Community
Webinar presentation with Jessica Kehinde Ngo

The Key to Freelance Success? Focus! 
The Three P’s: Positioning, Packaging, and Pricing
Webinar presentation with Jane Friedman

Borrowing Forms to Jump-Start Creativity
Reestablish the Joy of Playing with Language
Webinar presentation with Patrick Madden

How to Better Reach Your Audience Online
Increasing your visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Webinar presentation with Dorit Sasson

When Is It Okay to Laugh? 
How to use humor in creative nonfiction
Webinar presentation with Shannon Reed

The Power of Story  
Finding the river of meaning in your memoir or essay
Webinar presentation with Dinty W. Moore

Making the Most of the First Page  
Establish voice, create trust, and show what is at stake in the memoir
Webinar presentation with Kase Johnstun

The Personal Political
Write about social and political issues without sounding like a pundit
Webinar presentation with Jaswinder Bolina

Revision Made Simple(r)
Sometimes, revision can be tougher than facing a blank page
Webinar presentation with Marty Levine

Your Life in 70 Words (or Less)
Where to start, what to include & what to leave out
Webinar presentation with Paula Carter

Professional Development During the Pause
A structured clean up of your professional & promotional development tool kit
Webinar presentation with Chelsea Biondolillo

Byline Boot Camp
Everything you need to know to get your short nonfiction published
Webinar presentation with Melissa Petro

Crash Course in Creative Nonfiction
Everything you need to know to start writing your true story
Webinar presentation with Jenna McGuiggan

Opening Boxes
Stories in Everyday Objects
Webinar presentation with Yvette Benavides

Strategies for Writing about Death, Loss & Grief
Telling a universal story that will resonate with readers
Webinar presentation with Eleanor Vincent

Write Your Nonfiction Book Proposal
Step by step with Jane Friedman

Personal Essay Crash Course
Everything you need to know to start writing your true story
Webinar presentation with Jenna McGuiggan

Object as Subject
Writing inspired by what you hold
Webinar presentation with Megan Volpert

Tame the Beast
How to focus and frame your unwieldy story
Webinar presentation with Aaron Shulman

The Magical Marketing Trifecta 
Perfecting your author website, email newsletter & social network
Webinar presentation with Jane Friedman

Writing the Tough Stuff
A free, online session, open to anyone, on writing about grief, loss, & trauma
Webinar presentation with Jessica Handler

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By 5pm EST one week prior to start date:

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  • No refunds or transfers will be offered after this deadline.

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