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Unique opportunities to connect with a passionate group of regional and visiting writers while exploring specific aspects of craft and gaining skills and strategies you need to succeed. Our experienced instructors and professionals can help you set goals, try out new techniques, receive feedback, and find motivation for your writing.

Take your writing to the next level with hands-on instruction and inspiration at the Creative Nonfiction Foundation's office, located in the arts-centered Garfield/Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Workshops are open to writers at all levels and new workshops are announced regularly, so check back often or sign up for an alert.

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Summer & Fall 2017 at Creative Nonfiction*

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September 12
How to Write About Beer
A Workshop in Descriptive Writing (& Beer Sampling) with Kenny Gould

Hop Culture magazine's editor in chief and cofounder, Kenny Gould, will walk you through a flight of beer at the East End Brewing Company, discussing the skills necessary to easily and effectively write a piece of publishable food or drink writing. Plus, of course, beer.
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September 30
Who’s Telling Your Life Story?
Narrating your memoir with Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

The memoirist is asked to play many roles simultaneously—that of the author (you, sitting at the keyboard), the character (younger you, in the scenes you are recollecting), and the narrator. This last role is both the slipperiest and perhaps the most important. There is so much for the narrator to do! But who is this crucial construct, and how do you find yours?
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October 21
The Art of Remembering
How to Write About the Past with Kelly Grey Carlisle

Memory isn’t always accurate, and sometimes it fails us completely. What can we do when we can’t remember? This workshop focuses on correcting the wobbles and gaps in a memoirist’s recollection.

March 31, 2018
Looking Back, Moving Forward
Writing About Grief, Loss & Trauma with Jessica Handler

Writing well about loss requires more than capturing slippery memories on the page. Through this craft-focused workshop, students will explore strategies for writing about loss and trauma in pursuit of insight, wholeness, and connection with their readers.

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*Please note that all workshops are hosted in-person at the Creative Nonfiction Foundation’s office, located at 5119 Coral Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224. 

Questions? Please contact our Events and Building Manager, Lauren Boehm, at  boehm@creativenonfiction.org. Review our cancellation and refund policies here.

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