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Unique opportunities to connect with a passionate group of regional and visiting writers while exploring specific aspects of craft and gaining skills and strategies you need to succeed. Our experienced instructors and professionals can help you set goals, try out new techniques, receive feedback, and find motivation for your writing.

Take your writing to the next level at the Creative Nonfiction Foundation's office, located in the arts-centered Garfield/Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Workshops are open to writers at all levels and new workshops are announced regularly, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter.

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August 18th
Finding Family
Writing the Adoption Experience 
A daylong workshop with Lori Jakiela

Because adoption is often loaded with secrecy and, in some cases, guilt and shame, breaking silence can feel taboo for adoptees, birth families, and adoptive families. This daylong workshop is for anyone whose life has been touched by adoption.
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August 25th
The Writer as Detective
Investigate & Solve Your Story 
A daylong workshop with Doug Swanson

Historians, biographers, and other nonfiction writers are only as good as their material. From investigative journalism to historical research, and whether they’re pursuing a contemporary subject or looking for inside dope on someone who died 100 years ago, successful writers know how to dig deep for the essential and telling facts. The best nonfiction writers know how to find hidden trails to follow.
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October 13th
Truly Funny
Writing Your Story, Humorously 
A daylong workshop with Shannon Reed

A little humor can enliven nonfiction writing, and true stories can offer support to humor. This workshop with humorist and New Yorker “Shouts and Murmurs” contributor Shannon Reed will explore both of these angles. First, you’ll learn the fundamentals of writing humor and begin to craft funny pieces together and individually. Then, you’ll look at how the same ideas can be applied in nonfiction writing.
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November 3rd
Excavating Memory
Think like an Archaeologist & Reveal New Literary Material
A daylong workshop with Elizabeth Mosier

When writing personal narrative, it can be easy to overlook or discount the most telling details from your life because they are familiar or too commonplace to warrant notice. For archaeologists, everyday objects are material evidence, full of meaning. But when writing personal narratives, it can be easy to overlook or discount the most telling details because they seem too familiar or commonplace. Learn how an archaeological approach can bring fresh insight to the writer’s craft.
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Revision Boot Camp
Build Your Writer’s Toolbox
A multi-week workshop with Marissa Landrigan

Writing classes often emphasize the significance of revision to the writing process, but what does that actually mean? In this intensive workshop, you’ll study examples of revised essays from published writers and participate in weekly discussions of the revision process, with the goal of better understanding how revision happens and how to keep your work moving forward.Between sessions, you’ll implement changes to an already-drafted essay using the many revision prompts we’ll explore together.
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*Please note that all workshops are hosted in-person at the Creative Nonfiction Foundation’s office, located at 5119 Coral Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224. 

Questions? Please contact our events manager, Hannah Waltz, at waltz@creativenonfiction.org. You can also review our cancellation and refund policies here.

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