"Creative nonfiction is not making something up but making the most of what you have." –John McPhee

Moments of Clarity

Issue #74, Winter 2021

Creative Nonfiction #74: "Moments of Clarity" features stories of sudden realizations, things that can’t be unsaid, and power dynamics laid bare: a seventeen-year-old flirts her way into trouble; a daughter’s offhand remark shatters a family’s fragile peace; an employee quietly decides HR’s focus on diversity is actually kind of racist, and more.

Also in this issue: epiphanies in nonfiction, legal advice for writers, and tiny truths.

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What's the Story #74 Lee Gutkind

No matter how important your story, how skillful your structure, how powerful your prose, unless you are writing so that readers understand both what you are saying and what you mean, you may lose them. read more

El Valle, 1991 Aurelia Kessler

An early lesson in strength and fragility. read more

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How to Fix Everything

Heather A. McDonald

The lifesaving effects of a home-cooked meal more

Food and Worker Safety across the Globe

Wendy Rawlings

A nervous and incomplete case study more


My Last Eight Thousand Days

Lee Gutkind

An American Male in His Seventies more


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