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Winter 2014

Issue #54, Lost Truths & Family Legends

Our winter issue is full of family lore--the stories we grow up hearing and the tales we, in turn, tell. Like the night we hit the deer, or Dad's close encounter with a serial killer, or the time Grandma saved the village from the Germans ... Every family has at least one story like this--but is it true? (And, if it's a good enough story, does it matter whether it's true?)

Plus, we explore the special challenges of writing about family; writers travel in search of missing stories; and Rick Bragg reflects on the process of interviewing living legend Jerry Lee Lewis.

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What's the Story #54 Lee Gutkind

Writing true stories that reflect what you think and see and remember can be rife with personal hazards. read more

Sensualiterature Brian Doyle

The scratching and hammering and tapping of writing read more

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Suzanne Roberts

A conversation with the "Mistakes" Best Essay prize winner more

Matthew DiClemente

“Once the numbers get large enough the data can say anything.” more


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