The Best Creative Nonfiction, Volume 2

Edited by Lee Gutkind

This fresh collection of fact-based narratives—mined from blogs, alternative papers, literary journals, and other out-of-the-way publications—engages and delights with exceptional work about topics from birth to death and everything in between. Stefan Fatsis, author of World Freak, traces the history of his baseball glove; Donovan Hohn chases a spilled cargo-load of rubber ducks bobbing along the Pacific currents; and Pagan Kennedy explores the hidden life of the creator of The Joy of Sex. Purchase this book alone or as part of the Best Creative Nonfiction box set.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The “L” Word — And All the Rest of Us “Outsiders” Lee Gutkind
Final: Comprehensive, Roughly Desirae Matherly
Here I Am in Bergdorf Goodman Sarah Miller-Davenport
Instead of the Rat Pack Gwendolyn Knapp
The Art of Writing a Story about Walking across Andorra Rolf Potts
Pursuing the Great Bad Novelist Laura Sewell Matter
Moby-Duck, or, The Synthetic Wilderness of Childhood Donovan Hohn
The Egg and I Katie Campbell
Figurines Emily Bernard
The Writers in the Silos Heidi Julavits
My First Fairy Tale Vijay Seshadri
A Sudden Pull Behind the Heart Patrick Madden
The Suicide Murder? of Joseph Kupchik James Renner
My Glove: A Biography Stefan Fatsis
Teaching the "F" Word Hauquan Chau
Hi, I'm Panicky. Alice Bradley
Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Susan M. Schultz
Cracking Open Patricia Brieschke
Range of Desire K.G. Schneider
The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex: The Story of Alex Comfort, in Seventeen Positions Pagan Kennedy
...By Any Other Name David Bradley
Ceremony Ander Monson
Anti-Aliasing Brian Oliu
Everything That's Wrong with Facebook Phil Trinh
It Was Nothing Carol Richards
Shrinks Get It Wrong Sometimes Rob Dobrenski
Errands in the Forest William deBuys


Emily Bernard

Emily Bernard’s essays have been reprinted in The Best American Essays, Best African American Essays, and The Best Creative... read more

David Bradley

David Bradley earned a BA in creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in United States studies at the University of... read more

Patricia Brieschke

Patricia Brieschke has worked in a variety of settings from a fertilizer factory, a five-and-dime, and a hospital to universities. As a... read more

Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell is an award-winning writer and photographer. Her work has appeared in publications throughout the country and in Costa Rice... read more

Hauquan Chau

Hauquan Chau has been living in Japan for the past ten years. A self-proclaimed modern nomad, he has roamed from the chaos of Tokyo to the... read more

William deBuys

William deBuys is the author of six books, including Enchantment and Exploitation: The Life and Hard Times of a New Mexico Mountain Range... read more

Stefan Fatsis

Stefan Fatsis writes about sports for The Wall Street Journal and talks about them on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.... read more

Donovan Hohn

Donovan Hohn’s work has appeared in Harper’s, Civilization, Agni, The Bedford Reader, and the Italian magazine Internazionale, which... read more

Stanley Jenkins

Stanley Jenkin’s writing has been published widely in electronic and print magazines, including Amelia, 32 Pages, The Blue Moon Review,... read more

Heidi Julavits

Heidi Julavits is the author of three novels, most recently The Uses of Enchantment. She is a founding co-editor of The Believer. read more

Pagan Kennedy

Pagan Kennedy has published nine books. Her biography Black Livingstone was named a New York Times Notable. Her novel Spinsters was short-... read more

Gwendolyn Knapp

Gwendolyn Knapp is a native of new Port Richey, Florida. She lives in New Orleans, where she works as a cheese monger. Her favorite cheese... read more

Patrick Madden

Patrick Madden is a PhD student in English at Ohio University, where he is also book review editor for Quarter After Eight. read more

Desirae Matherly

Desirae Matherly is a Harper Fellow at the University of Chicago, where she teaches in the Humanities. Her most recent essays appear in... read more

Laura Sewell Matter

Laura Sewell Matter is an MFA candidate at the University of New Mexico and a high school teacher at Albuquerque Academy. She is currently... read more

Sarah Miller-Davenport

Sarah Massey-Warren is a writer and landscape architect who lives with her daughters in Boulder, Colorado. Her work has appeared in... read more

Ander Monson

Ander Monson is the author of three books: Neck Deep and Other Predicaments (essays), Vacationland (poems), and Other Electricities (... read more

Brian Oliu

Brian Oliu is originally from Readington Township, New Jersey, and is receiving his MFA in creative writing at the University of Alabama.... read more

Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts is the author of two books, Marco Polo Didn't Go There and Vagabonding. His essays and reportage have appeared in venues... read more

James Renner

James Renner is a staff writer for the Cleveland Free Times. His articles have earned awards from the Society of Professional Journalists... read more

Carol Richards

Carol Richards was born and raised in Alaska. She worked as a designer and art director Outside (which, to Alaskans, means anywhere outside... read more

Vijay Seshadri

Vijay Seshadri is the author of Wild Kingdom and The Long Meadow, both from Graywolf Press. His poems, essays, and reviews have been widely... read more

K.G. Schneider

K.G. Schneider is a writer and librarian who recently relocated to Tallahassee, Florida, from northern California. When she is not writing... read more

Anne Trumbore

Anne Trumbore teaches writing and grammar at EPGY at Stanford, and has written ad copy for about four hundred movies and television shows.... read more


The Beauty of Truth


September 2, 2008

[R]egardless of subject, these selections delight. They kick ass. Their high caliber of writing and deep-seated curiosity invite us... read more

"Another fresh collection of exemplary essays"

Publishers Weekly

June 30, 2008

In his follow-up to last year's volume, the first in a re-launched, annual version of his journal Creative Nonfiction, Gutkind... read more