Twenty Prominent Authors Write About the Relationships That Shape Our Lives

Offering readers insight and wisdom as it sparks their memories of remarkable people in their lives, Connecting chronicles the personal and familial relationships of some of America's best-loved authors. Among the writers contributing to this compelling anthology are Joyce Carol Oates, who writes about the end of a friendship and the beginning of adulthood; Alice Hoffman, who reveals how her grandmother's legacy of advice is a testament to her immortality; and Alec Wilkinson, who explores a woman's coping with the murder of her husband.

More than just stories of interaction, this book celebrates the people who sculpt and define our lives. Connecting truly fulfills the promise of its title: all readers can find something of their own experiences, recapturing a turning point--an extraordinary coming together with someone important.

Table of Contents

Introduction: From Fiction and Poetry — to Nonfiction: An Evolution Lee Gutkind
They All Just Went Away Joyce Carol Oates
Accomodations Richard Ford
Rising From the Plains John McPhee
Mother's Last Request B.J. Nelson
Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy Judy Ruiz
My Father's Life Raymond Carver
The Beauty Parlor Hilary Koski
Leaving the Folk Phillip Richards
Welcome Sweet Springtime Jack Cady
Housewives, Fieldhusbands Julene Bair
Scorekeeping Bob Cowser, Jr.
Advice from My Grandmother Alice Hoffman
The Iceman Richard Shelton
My Home Court Daniel Stolar
The Story of My Father Phillip Lopate
My Mother and Louis B. Mayer Enid Baron
Dependent Rebecca McClanahan
Teeth Lee Gutkind
Daddy Young and Old Deborah Tannen
Nancy Gahl Alec Wilkinson


Bob Cowser, Jr.

Bob Cowser, Jr. is the author of “Green Fields: Crime, Punishment and a Boyhood Between,” which won “Best Memoir 2010” from the Adirondack... read more

Phillip Lopate

Phillip Lopate's nonfiction books include essay collections (Bachelorhood, Against Joie de Vivre, Portrait of My Body); film criticism... read more

Rebecca McClanahan

Rebecca McClanahan has published The Riddle Song and Other Rememberings, four volumes of poetry and two writing texts, including Word... read more

John McPhee

For more information please visit, read more

Alec Wilkinson

Alec Wilkinson is the author of ten books, including "Big Sugar" and "A Violent Act". Since 1980, he has been a writer on the staff of the... read more