An Immense New Power to Heal

The Promise of Personalized Medicine

Lee Gutkind, Pagan Kennedy

There is no denying that new technology, which has triggered an explosion of scientific information, is ushering in a revolution in medicine. Through intimate patient stories as well as profiles of leading-edge doctors and scientists, this clear-eyed, lively, and highly engaging book explores one of the most significant scientific breakthroughs of our time: the sequencing of the human genome and the subsequent development of personalized medicine.

An Immense New Power to Heal captures the current landscape and examines the psychological, moral and ethical questions confronting physicians and the general public. What responsibility do we bear for our own health? And do we really want to know what information is coded in our genesespecially if medicine and technology offer no cure?


Lee Gutkind

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Pagan Kennedy

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"Stories of innovative patients and doctors"

Publishers Weekly

March 19, 2012

Gutkind and Kennedy giddily trumpet the extraordinary possibilities of technology and information in preventing sickness. And they... read more