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Writing the Tough Stuff for Teens

Graduation Reading!

Audio Boot Camp

In this two-part, hands-on workshop led by Erin Anderson, you’ll explore this burgeoning medium and learn how to bring new life to your...

Creative Nonfiction Crash Course

Everything you need to know to start writing your true story.

Object As Subject

Writing inspired by what you hold.

Crafting the Lyric Essay

Join essayist Randon Billings Noble for an in-depth exploration of the lyric essay.

Excavating Memory

Use everyday objects to realign the deeper truth of experience with the stories we tell about who we are and how we live.

Finding & Shaping Your True Story

Transform interesting anecdotes or fragmentary episodes into fully realized pieces of writing that will engage and move readers.

Finding Family | Writing the Adoption Experience

A daylong workshop for anyone whose life has been touched by adoption.

Revision Boot Camp

Writing classes often emphasize the significance of revision to the writing process, but what does that actually mean? In this intensive...

Writing from the Wound

Trauma-based nonfiction is popular in this current moment, but what personal and professional costs are associated with writing about...