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Sunday Short Reads

Flash Nonfiction Delivered Weekly to Your Email Inbox

Every Sunday morning we email out a flash essay of no more than 1,000 words right to your inbox, with no ads and no need to click through to a website. The pieces featured in the Sunday Short Read are hand-selected from the Creative NonfictionBrevity, and Sweet Lit archives.

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  • #001 // "Meander" by Mary Paumier Jones
  • #002 // "Sensualiterature" by Brian Doyle
  • #003 // "Meeting House" by Mylène Dressler
  • #004 // "An Address to My Fellow Faculty Who Have Asked Me to ..." by Ayşe Papatya Bucak
  • #005 // "The Heart" by Jerald Walker
  • #006 // "It Wasn't Until I Was an Old Woman that I Began to Enjoy Being Beautiful" by Toi Derricotte
  • #007 // "Bear Fragments" by Christine Byl
  • #008 // "Sin" by Max Garland
  • #009 // "I Survived the Blizzard of '79" by Beth Ann Fennelly
  • #010 // "\'in-glish\" by Christina Tang-Bernas
  • #011 // "In the Grip of the Sky" by Sonya Huber
  • #012 // "The Domestic Apologies" by Dustin Parsons
  • #013 // "The Lesson" by Jennifer Jordán Schaller
  • #014 // "Love Toilet" by Wendy Bilen
  • #015 // "If You Give a Mom a Nap" by Katherine Almy

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