How do the classes work?

Creative Nonfiction’s online classes are designed to accommodate people with busy schedules and other commitments. Many students have full-time jobs or child- or parentcare responsibilities, while others have more free time to devote to their writing. The flexible class schedule means that you can participate in the way that best fits your schedule.

Our online course terms include 5- and 10-week classes and run in fall (September-December), winter (January-March), and spring (April-June). Summer term offers 5-week classes only (June-July) and a great choice for students, travelers, or those wanting to try something new without the commitment of a longer session.

Our *self-guided courses run before and after each term (sometimes overlapping in dates).

Descriptions of our current classes can be found here.
A list of our previous/upcoming classes can be found here.

*Self-guided courses and webinars differ from our other online courses in significant ways.

You've enrolled in a class. Now what?

Two days before your class begins, you'll receive an invitation with instructions on how to log into Wet Ink, our online class platform. At this time, you can become familiar with the classroom, read your instructor’s announcements, set your avatar, and meet with others in the Community Page. On the first day of class, you’ll receive a welcome announcement and access to Week One’s materials.

The information below outlines the structure of a typical online class. Please note that some classes (such as CNF Boot Camp and self-guided courses) follow a different format. More details are available in individual class descriptions.

Each week provides:

  • written lectures and a selection of readings
  • discussions of assigned readings and other general writing topics with peers and the instructor

Some weeks also include:

  • writing prompts and/or exercises
  • opportunities to submit full-length essays for instructor and/or peer critiques
  • optional video conferences during Week 2.

Aside from the live conference, there is no need to be online at any particular time of day. To create a better classroom experience for all, you are required to participate weekly to receive instructor feedback on your work.

After your course closes: you will receive a zip file of your content from this class as well as the lesson materials. You’ll also continue to be a member of our Creative Nonfiction Writing Classes' Community Page. With this membership, you will be able to share writings and calls for submissions, recommend books, and, generally, stay connected. You can decide how frequently you want to receive notifications by changing the settings in your Wet Ink profile.

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If your question is not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions, please contact Sharla Yates, Director of Education, at [email protected].


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