Issue #12, 1999

Emerging Women Writers II

This issue features work by emerging women writers who tell compelling and intricately detailed stories while being incisive, reflective and deeply personal. This issue begins with the winner of a creative nonfiction best essay award, "Post Mortem," Norma V.L. Clarke's essay about the torture of attending medical school in Jamaica and the riveting hold on her life by her mother. The three semi-finalists, also included in this issue, were: "The Old Sort: Of Connemaras & Sweet Corn" by Caroline Nesbitt, "Dreamland" by Kathryn Hoffman Hughes and "Reunion" by Leaf Seligman.

This issue is out of print.

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR: Spontaneous Connections: Emerging Women Writers—Again Lee Gutkind ... read more
Post Mortem Norma V.L. Clarke
Waiting for the Red Baron Beth Kephart
The Old Sort: Of Connemaras & Sweet Corn Caroline Nesbitt ... read more
Recollecting Debra Anne Davis
Afternoon At The Whitney Phyllis Raphael
Stephanie Stephanie Byram
Back to the Future Karen Rile
Reunion Leaf Seligman ... read more
The Monster Between Us Megan Foss
A Sunny Day at the SPCA Ruth Deming
In Search of Alice Walker, or, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Valerie Boyd
COVER TO COVER: Reviews of New Books


Amy Boaz

Amy Boaz is a writer and editor in New York. Her story "Waiting for the John Cheever" appears int he "Virgin Fiction" collection (Rob... read more

Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart is the award-winning author of thirty books and dozens of essays, an award-winning adjunct at the University of Pennsylvania,... read more

Caroline Nesbitt

Caroline Nesbitt is an actress, author ("The Pony Breeder's Companion," Howell Book House, 1995) and essayist whose work has... read more

Charlee Brodsky

Charlee Brodsky, an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, is co-author of the book, "Pittsburgh Revealed: Photographs Since... read more

Debra Anne Davis

Debra Anne Davis received her MFA from the nonfiction program at the University of Iowa.For more information please visit, http://www.... read more

Karen Rile

Karen Rile is a winner of a 1998 Leeway Foundation writer's grant award in creative nonfiction. The author of "Winter Music" and numerous... read more

Kathryn Hoffman Hughes

Kathryn Hoffman Hughes is a master's candidate in the creative writing program at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. "Dreamland" was a... read more

Leaf Seligman

Leaf Seligman is working on a collection of personal essays and short stories and has written several novels. She has been a teacher of... read more

Megan Foss

Megan Foss earned her MA at Western Washington University. read more

Norma V.L. Clarke

Norma V.L. Clark was born in London and lived in Jamaica prior to moving to the United States. She is currently completing an MFA in... read more

Phyllis Raphael

Phyllis Raphael teaches in the undergraduate creative writing program of Columbia University's School of the Arts. Her stories and essays... read more

Ruth Deming

Ruth Deming is a poet and therapist living in Willow Grove, Pa. She recently won a 1998 Leeway Foundation writer's grant award for emerging... read more

Stephanie Byram

Stephanie Byram is a post-doctoral fellow in health psychology at Carnegie Mellon University. After a localized recurrence in July 1998,... read more

Valerie Boyd

Valerie Boyd, an Atlanta writer and editor, is working on a biography of Zora Neale Hurston. A condensed version of this story was... read more