Issue #43, Fall/Winter 2011

Anger & Revenge

If revenge is a dish best served cold, the Anger & Revenge issue is a wintery feast. The meanest batch of essays CNF has ever published includes a post-divorce bonfire; post-traumatic stress; an assassination attempt; a kidnapping plot; Dick Cheney, and more. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Plus, Buzz Bissinger talks about waking up angry, how he chooses his subjects, and why he feels comfortable not being objective; Ned Stuckey-French makes a case for expanding the essay canon; Anthony Aycock stretches out on the page; and Phillip Lopate gets lost in the library.


From the issue:

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR Lee Gutkind ... read more
Expanding the Essay Canon, One Decade at a Time Ned Stuckey-French ... read more
ENCOUNTER: Buzz Bissinger ... read more
Rebecca v. Mr. Wonderful Mardi Jo Link
Wired for Fairness Josephine A. Fitzpatrick
Sequelae: The Inner War Bindu Wiles
Breastfeeding Dick Cheney Sonya Huber
Heroes and Consequences Chester F. Phillips
Research and Personal Writing Phillip Lopate
The Death Penalty, Righteous Anger or Murderous Revenge?: A Roundtable Discussion Jill Patterson ... read more
The Stories I Did Not Write Inara Verzemnieks
Of Online Anger, Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream Daniel Nester
Twitter Micro-essays
Make Mine a Double Anthony Aycock


Anthony Aycock

Anthony Aycock has written essays for The Missouri Review, The Gettysburg Review, ONLINE, National Paralegal Reporter, and Community &... read more

Josephine A. Fitzpatrick

Josephine Fitzpatrick is a retired attorney who lives in Southern California. She has taken writing classes at University of California--... read more

Sonya Huber

Sonya Huber is the author of five books, including Opa Nobody, Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir, and the new essay collection... read more

Mardi Jo Link

Mardi Jo Link is the author of Isadore's Secret, winner of the Michigan Notable Book Award. She lives with her sons and her husband on... read more

Phillip Lopate

Phillip Lopate's nonfiction books include essay collections (Bachelorhood, Against Joie de Vivre, Portrait of My Body); film criticism... read more

Michael Lotenero

Michael Lotenero divides his time between Pittsburgh anad Brooklyn. His work has appeared in TIME, The Wall Street Journal, Big Magazine,... read more

Daniel Nester

Daniel Nester is the author of four books, most recently How to Be Inappropriate, and an associate professor of English at the College of... read more

Jill Patterson

Jill Patterson was the production manager for issues 26-36 and is currently CNF's copy editor. She is the editor of Iron... read more

Chester F. Phillips

Chester F. Phillips has worked as a rancher, fire lookout, delivery driver, Montessori assistant teacher, rainwater harvester, research... read more

Craig Strydom

Craig Strydom lives in Baltimore, Md. His work has appeared in the Mail... read more

Ned Stuckey-French

Ned Stuckey-French is an Associate Professor and Director of the FSU Certificate Program in Publishing and Editing and is the book review... read more

Bindu Wiles

Bindu Wiles recently received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. She runs online community iPhone-photography and writing courses, and is... read more

Inara Verzemnieks

Inara Verzemnieks is an Arts Fellow in the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program. Before going back to school to pursue her MFA,... read more


"Packs a punch"

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April 16, 2012

The 43rd issue of this award-winning publication packs a punch: not just because of the bold graphic of an automatic pistol on its... read more