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    Issue 58 Winter 2016

    The Weather

    Can you believe this weather we’re having?

    We’re not just making small talk: our winter issue, Creative Nonfiction #58, is all about the weather. Whether enveloped in fog, stranded in a blizzard, or steering through a sea squall, the writers featured in this issue are battling forces larger than themselves. That’s what the weather does, after all: puts us in our place.

    Plus, Al Roker talks about the challenges of writing creative nonfiction; Dot Earth blogger Andrew C. Revkin reflects on 30 years of covering climate change; how technology is changing memoirists’ work; tiny truths; and more.

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    Issue 56 Summer 2015


    Our summer issue is all about waiting. Writers explore the boundaries of their patience as they wait for a missing family member’s return, for sleep to come, for doctors, planes, or the next good wave.

    Plus, we consider the murky origins of the term “creative nonfiction”; the art of immersion reporting; books that took lifetimes to write; and more.

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    Issue 55 Spring 2015

    The Memoir Issue

    Our spring edition, "The Memoir Issue," is big news: a special double issue with twice as many stories as usual, from places as far-ranging as Japan, Australia, the Marshall Islands, the Appalachian Trail, and Vermont.

    This issue is also big in scope, illustrating thorny issues such as the power (and fallibility) of memory; the challenges of telling other people’s stories accurately; and the art of self-analysis and reflection.

    Plus, CNF #55 features columns on how social media might be changing human memory; readers’ duty to wield belief responsibly; accepting the narcissist within; tiny truths; and more.

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    Issue 54 Winter 2015

    Lost Truths & Family Legends

    Our winter issue is full of family lore--the stories we grow up hearing and the tales we, in turn, tell. Like the night we hit the deer, or Dad's close encounter with a serial killer, or the time Grandma saved the village from the Germans ... Every family has at least one story like this--but is it true? (And, if it's a good enough story, does it matter whether it's true?)

    Plus, we explore the special challenges of writing about family; writers travel in search of missing stories; and Rick Bragg reflects on the process of interviewing living legend Jerry Lee Lewis.

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    Issue 53 Fall 2014


    Creative Nonfiction #53, our first-ever readers' choice theme issue, is dedicated to MISTAKES. We've collected an explosive group of essays exploring wrong turns and missteps—from a dramatic prison protest to an ill-advised game of strip-spin-the-bottle, from a bad tattoo to the epidemic of errors plaguing our healthcare system. Together, these true stories grapple with questions that get at the heart of how to live.

    Plus, why building a platform is a waste of a writer's time, why publishing won't make you happy, and why readers shouldn't worry (too much) about the occasional typo.

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