Announcing Writing Away the Stigma!

For anyone with a true story to tell about the challenges or satisfactions of confronting mental health problems.

Writing Away the Stigma combines a series of free writing workshops and fellowships, a funded editorial internship, and public readings and events designed to demonstrate how true stories can help counteract the dangerous and shameful stigma surrounding mental illness.

Starting in January, twelve individuals will study in Pittsburgh, free of charge, with the founder and editor of Creative Nonfiction magazine, Lee Gutkind, to conceive, write, and revise their stories. Anyone with a true story to tell about the challenges or the satisfactions of confronting mental health problems—whether your own or those of a friend, colleague, or family member—is encouraged to apply. In May 2016, the fellows will give a public reading and participate in events around the Pittsburgh area.

One editorial intern will have the opportunity to learn about everything that goes into coordinating a community workshop series and mentoring writers—not just editorial work, but also marketing and event planning.

By most estimates, nearly half of American adults will struggle with some form of mental illness in their lifetime. Despite its prevalence, however, it is still surrounded by stigma. Through writing true stories well told, we believe we can help change that.

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Funding for the Writing Away the Stigma project was provided by the Fred C. Schatz Fund and the Sarah and Goldie Wolfe Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.