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Creative Nonfiction #58 // Winter 2016
"The Weather"

Praying for rain, chasing tornados, surviving lightning strikes, and other humbling encounters with forces beyond our control.


Can you believe this weather we’re having?

We’re not just making small talk: our winter issue is all about the weather. Whether enveloped in fog, stranded in a blizzard, or steering through a sea squall, the writers featured in this issue are battling forces larger than themselves. That’s what the weather does: puts us in our place.

Plus, AL ROKER talks about the challenges of writing creative nonfiction; Dot Earth blogger ANDREW C. REVKIN reflects on 30 years of covering climate change; how technology is changing memoirists’ work; tiny truths; and more. Illustrated with wind drawings by Mark Nystrom. 

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Tim Bascom // Joe Fassler // Ashley Hay // Sonya Huber // Anita Huslin // Laura Jones // Amaris Ketcham // Beatrice Lazarus // Lexi Pandell // Sejal H. Patel // Glenda Reed // Andrew C. Revkin // Al Roker // Diane Seuss


Quotes from the issue

“There's an element of mystery to the weather; that's what keeps it interesting.”
- Lee Gutkind

“Some challenges are so grand and momentous that anxiety seems, at best, a waste of time and energy in confronting them. [...] The ultimate environmental story--our evolving and worrisome relationship with Earth's atmosphere and climate.”
- Andrew C. Revkin

"And really what are some secrets, but lies? Benign, perhaps, but lies nevertheless."
- Anita Huslin