Kid-dom, in all its messy glory

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Creative Nonfiction #60 // Summer 2016

It's not all fun and games.


This summer, we're taking a look through the rear-view mirror at childhood—and, in the process, examining how it shapes us into our adult selves. The writers featured in Creative Nonfiction #60 recount formative childhood experiences that leave indelible memories: stomping through a snowstorm to Sunday mass; discovering a dead body in the woods; touring beautiful homes they’ll never live in; or trying, desperately, to dance their way to junior high popularity. Here we have kid-dom in all its messy glory: the good, the bad, and the biting truth.

Plus, fifteen contemporary nonfiction authors discuss the books that made them writers; how to write about your kids without messing them up (too much); the link between addiction memoirs and coming-of-age stories; Tiny Truths; and more.

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Carrie Barker // Judith Barrington // Brian Broome // Kyla Buckingham // Brendan M. Collins // Kristi Murray Costello // Beth Ann Fennelly // Sara Hendery // Brenda Miller // Randon Billings Noble // Joe Oestreich // Kenneth R. Rosen // Marcelle Soviero // Julie Marie Wade


Quotes from the issue

"There are lovely moments of childhood, but the stories that grab us, the ones we most remember, are sad or even tragic, or downright spooky or frustrating."
- Lee Gutkind

"[W]hether they are learning about faraway galaxies or stargazing in the backyard, whether they are reading a biography of Newton or noticing the way a penny sinks in a fountain, children are fascinated by the way the world works, both in life and on the page."
- Randon Billings Noble

"We grew into professionals, learned to stand at our full heights, but there was something reserved in our postures. A slight tucking of the shoulders, perhaps, as if to protect our hearts."
- Kyla Buckingham