Make Your True Story Matter

Every new administration comes into office with a plan for their first 100 days. Pittsburgh-based organization The Sprout Fund has launched a new initiative to shift attention during this transitional period from the national stage to something a little closer to home. 100 Days of US aims to focus attention on issues at a local level—issues like poverty, gender, health, immigration, freedom of press and much more. The goal is to problem-solve in our own community.

Creative Nonfiction needs your support to win funding for our plan to participate in 100 Days of US.

We've submitted a proposal to host a free workshop for anyone who seeks to use their personal story as a source of power. Participants will receive tips and tools for developing a narrative to create an op-ed piece, a personal essay, a letter to a political representative, the next viral social media post, or any other form of a true story, well told.

Studies have shown that reading fosters empathy and understanding. It enables the reader to see new perspectives and better relate to those around them. In a time when we seem more divided than ever, such connections are of the utmost importance. Writing nonfiction can also serve as a kind of catharsis for the author; it is a way to express oneself and feel heard. It is our hope that this workshop can serve as a way to highlight the things that bring our community together so we can work with one another to move forward. 

In order to win funding for our project and participate in 100 Days of US we need support from our friends, subscribers, and authors. If you think our plan is worth putting into action, add your voice and support to our cause by liking our proposal on the 100 Days website. If you're able, you can also donate to the cause. Spread the word on social media using the hastags #100days and #MakeYourTrueStoryMatter. Feel free to browse the other project proposals and lend your support to them as well. Voting ends at 12:00 pm on Thursday, January 19th. This is an incredible initiative, and we want to see it succeed in every way it possibly can!