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Brain, Child & Brain, Teen are now under the CNF umbrella!

We are very pleased to announce that Creative Nonfiction has taken ownership of the acclaimed literary magazines Brain, Child and Brain,... more

True Story #24 is out now!

A talent for lying is a great asset for a used-car salesman, but a bad trait in a father. Nancy A. Nichols recalls the wild rides of her... more

Writing the Tough Stuff

A free, online session, open to anyone, on writing about grief, loss, and trauma. more

Upcoming at Creative Nonfiction | January 2019

Winter classes, writing workshops & other upcoming opportunities for writers more

True Story #23 is here!

A self-proclaimed collector of strange media comes into possession of a home video that was never meant to be viewed. But you've gotta see... more

Announcing the Sunday Short Reads

Flash nonfiction delivered weekly to your email inbox more

Upcoming at Creative Nonfiction | December 2018

A holiday party & book market, writing workshops, a funded fellowship & more. more

True Story #22 is here!

In Greek mythology, a sip from the River Lethe offers oblivion to newly-perished souls. Braiding the story of her parents’ whirlwind... more

Fall issue of Creative Nonfiction now available.

CNF #68, "Risk," explores how we balance the threat of loss against the promise of gain. more

Upcoming at Creative Nonfiction | November 2018

A FREE seminar on writing about grief, NaMeWriMo, a documentary salon, writing workshops, ten funded fellowships & more. more