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Creative Nonfiction's online classes give you the opportunity to learn in a small classroom environment on your own time. Write at night, on your lunch break... even in your underwear. All you need is an Internet connection and a little motivation.

Participants receive personalized feedback on assignments from their instructor, as well as responses from classmates on discussion board forums. All instructors are university professors and/or working professional writers--and there are never more than 14 students in any class. Conversation, firm deadlines, and feedback help keep you writing and improving your work throughout the class.

Whether you're just starting out or looking for an advanced class to help you refine and polish your work, we have a course for you. Class sessions begin in January, March, July, and September. Because of the flexible nature of our courses, we can gladly accept students from all across the globe.

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If you're looking for a learning environment that features one-on-one interactions, customized coursework, and an individualized schedule, check out CNF's Mentoring Program.

Spring Classes: Now Enrolling

March 30 - June 8


New! Audio Storytelling & Podcasting (8-week class)

Instructor: Rhonda J. Miller -Podcasting is an increasingly popular way to use sound to tell stories, enriching personal and professional communication, and in this class we’ll explore ways to create nonfiction narratives using the power of sound. The class is designed with the flexibility to allow those who have never edited sound to learn the basics and create a podcast, as well as for those somewhat familiar with sound or audio storytelling to develop a layered creative project. The beauty of podcasting lies in its flexibility and unlimited potential for creativity. Each member of the class will produce a 5-minute audio podcast that can range from a lesson for a science class to an interview with an expert to audio postcards sent to family and friends around the globe. Learn More / Enroll »

Advanced Memoir and Personal Essay  - Curriculum B (10-week class)

This class is suitable for both new students and those who have taken our previous Advanced Memoir - Curriculum A class. It includes a completely different set of readings and lectures from Curriculum A.

Instructor: Lisa Ohlen Harris - This class is designed for those who have already explored the basics of personal writing and wish to move on to a larger project or more challenging forms. Participants can choose one of two paths, working either on sections of a memoir or on personal essays in a variety of styles. Class members will learn how to structure their chapters or essays, how to incorporate research into personal writing, how to develop character, how to use descriptive language effectively, and more. We will examine personal essays and memoir chapters from published authors to analyze their writing techniques, and discuss ways to use those techniques in our own writing. If participants wish to submit work that does not strictly fit the assignments given they can arrange to do so with the instructor. Learn More / Enroll »

Creative Nonfiction Boot Camp (5- or 10-week class)

Instructors: Waverly Fitzgerald, Avery Leigh Thomas, or Lindsey Drager - You want to do it. You mean to start that writing project ... eventually. Now is the time to put excuses aside and start your writing project. Creative Nonfiction's special boot camp sessions will do just that by providing firm deadlines, writing exercises, and weekly feedback. Along the way you'll also develop the habit of writing regularly which will serve you well all through 2015 (and beyond!). After 5 weeks, if you've completed the minimum number of assignments, you'll have an essay of between 3,000 and 6,000 words, or at least a dozen passages to use as starting points for future essays. Five weeks not enough? Sign up for a full 10-weeks of Boot Camp. Not only will you get a discounted rate; you'll get double the deadlines and support. Learn More / Enroll »

Foundations of Creative Nonfiction - Curriculum A (10-week class)

This class is suitable for both beginners and those who have taken our previous Foundations of Creative Nonfiction - Curriculum B class. It includes a completely new set of readings and lectures.

Instructor: Meghan O'Gieblyn - Creative nonfiction is a versatile genre that accommodates a vast array of styles and approaches. This course is designed to introduce students to the many sub-genres of creative nonfiction and the possibilities of the form. Students will have the opportunity to try their hand at different types of essays, including memoir, the profile essay, participatory journalism, and the immersion essay, among others. In the weekly lectures and discussions, we will talk about basic craft issues and discuss other writerly skill sets, such as performing research and conducting interviews. Readings will include classics from each genre of creative nonfiction, as well as more recently published work. Students will write three of up to 3,500 words each and participate in three optional writing assignments. Learn More / Enroll »

Narrative Medicine (10-week class)

Instructor: Ellen Ficklen - This class will guide all types of medical professionals (doctors, nurses, researchers, aides, social workers, etc.) through the various skills needed to write and publish narratives—personal stories of their experiences in health care (and those of others in the field). We will cover every step in the writing process, from brainstorming to researching to writing to revising, as well as the steps needed to pitch and publish an article or essay. Our instructors—experienced writers of health care narratives and creative nonfiction—will communicate with participants through a combination of written lectures, written feedback, and email. In addition, the class will include phone conferences with guest lecturers Theresa Brown and Manoj Jain. Learn More / Enroll »

Selling Your Work: A Writer's Guide (10-week class)

Instructor: Emily Stone - You’ve enjoyed reading great essays in Esquire, The New Yorker, and of course Creative Nonfiction, but by some counts there are also more than 1,000 “little magazines” out there waiting for the next Best American Essays writers to look in their direction.  But how do you break in? This class introduces creative nonfiction writers to the culture of literary periodicals, writing fellowships, and publishing. Through weekly assignments and lectures, you’ll learn how to assemble a literary writer’s toolkit and navigate the world of small-press and online publishing.  You’ll also learn about the fellowship opportunities available for emerging writers looking for time and funding to support their writing, and get an introduction to the basics of large-press publishing. Just as importantly, you’ll get out there and begin submitting your work. [Note: This class was formerly named Publishing & Funding.]  Learn More / Enroll »

Writing the Personal Essay - Curriculum B (10-week class)

This class is suitable for both beginners and those who have taken our previous Writing the Personal Essay - Curriculum A class. It includes a completely different set of readings and lectures from Curriculum A.

Instructor: Barrett Swanson or Joelle Fraser- In this class we’ll take a close look at the writing and research skills needed to write a memoir or personal essay, and refine them over the course of 10 weeks. We’ll discuss how to best use essential literary elements such as detail, dialogue, structure, and description, as well as how to collect information through interviews, research, and other methods. Participants will complete three essays, and will also be given optional shorter exercises that can later be developed into longer works. There will be substantial time spent on revision, that magical process that takes a pleasant anecdote and turns it into a breathtaking essay. Participants will receive personal feedback on their work from the instructor and feedback from other class members via Group Review sessions. Learn More / Enroll »

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Previous and/or Upcoming Classes


Advanced Memoir and Personal Essay - Curriculum A

Tackle larger and more challenging forms while learning the essentials of structure, character development, and researching memories. 

Advanced Memoir and Personal Essay - Curriculum B 

Work on theme, structure and experimental forms in this course for advanced writers. The reading list and assignments are entirely separate from Curriculum A, so students may wish to take both courses.

Audio Storytelling & Podcasting

Explore ways to create nonfiction narratives using the power of sound

Blogging for the Writer

How do you get readership for your blog? How do you make your blog pieces distinct and resonant? In this multi-week workshop, we will discuss "best practices" for successful blogging.

Creative Nonfiction Boot Camp

Write every day. No matter what.

Foundations of Creative Nonfiction - Curriculum A & B

Perfect for writers who are new to the genre, or anyone who wants to brush up on the basics.

Magazine Writing

Become a "fly on the wall" in our immersion journalism course. Students learn to observe, interview, and intimately explore their subject to craft a magazine-ready piece.

Narrative Medicine

Designed specifically for medical professionals to learn the basics of narrative writing. We know you have work stories to tell--we'll help you craft them.

Revision Workshop

Get past that first draft and start editing. Work on the large scale (structure, voice) and small scale (style and language choices) to get your story ready for the world.

Selling Your Work: A Writer's Guide

Gain insight into the world of publishing and learn the skills necessary for corresponding with editors, submitting work for publication, applying for grants and writing residencies, and more.

Travel Writing

The perfect post-vacation class (or reason to explore your own city). Hone your observation skills and get the world on the page through detail, scene and imagery.

Weekly Workshop 

Have an in-depth conversation about literary techniques and craft with a small group of writers every week. The course meets over video chat to discuss each student's work twice per term.

Writing the Nonfiction Book Proposal 

You've got a book idea or maybe you've even written the book--now what? Learn about the publishing process in this course and fine-tune your own proposal with an instructor who's been through it before.

Writing the Personal Essay - Curriculum A & B

Turn your anecdotes into moving essays with facts, characters, and detail.

Writing the Tough Stuff

Learn the nuances of writing about grief, loss, and pain, and how to approach tough topics in your own writing.

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