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Previous and/or Upcoming Classes

Advanced Historical Narrative
Hone your approach, pinpoint your main characters, organize your prospective piece, and bring the past to life. 

Advanced Personal Essay: Finding a Way Through
Transform actual people and events into characters and plot elements, and turn your personal anecdotes into publishable essays.

Advanced Memoir: From First Sentence to Resolution
Refine and refresh work in progress by taking up the challenges of longer sections and full-length manuscripts: how to start, how to write "critical chapters," how to find a resolution to your story, and how to incorporate the world surrounding your story using scene, research, and detail.

Advanced Science Writing
Take a deep dive into the structure and narrative arcs of writing excellent science essays and address ethics, revision, and marketing your work.

Approaching Mystery: Writing Flash Memoir about Wonder & the Unexplained
Capture the absurd or surreal quality of everyday life and tell a meaningful story in as few words as possible.

Creative Nonfiction Boot Camp (5- or 10-week class)
Kick-start your writing with our most popular class. Start that long-delayed project, develop essential writing habits with daily writing prompts, and reach your goals.

Digital Storytelling
Discover ways to use digital communication technologies to enhance the inherent connective power of creative nonfiction.

Eureka! Science Writing for General Audiences
Gain writing and research skills—everything from general literary techniques to interviewing and fact-checking—that will help you craft engaging nonfiction about scientific discovery, research, and policy.

Experimental Forms
Explore new structures, hybrid forms, and nonstandard narrative perspectives, and discover a variety of strategies for innovation in nonfiction writing.

Find Your Niche: Writing for the Web
Discover the ins and outs of writing for digital outlets and start building your online presence.

Flash Essay
Distill experiences, big or small, into their purest essence.

Foundations of Creative Nonfiction- Curriculum A & B
Your introduction to the genre. Learn how literary techniques can help you turn bare facts and memories into compelling personal and journalistic essays.

Historical Narratives
Bring the past to life! Get insight into how to translate facts and research into vivid characters and scenes.

Honest to Goodness
No genre is more pwoerful at examining what nourishes and sustains us than the food memoir.

I to Eye: Integrating Research into the Personal Essay
True, "memoir" starts with "me" ... but there's room for so much more. 

Introduction to Audio Storytelling & Podcasting
Learn how to write, record, and produce a powerful audio narrative that can stand alone or be the first in a series of podcasts.

Memoir & Personal Essay 
Tackle a big writing project in this class and are ready to take your writing to the next level.

Narrative Journalism
Become a "fly on the wall" in our immersion journalism course. Students learn to observe, interview, and intimately explore their subject to craft a magazine-ready piece.

Narrative Medicine
Designed specifically for medical professionals to learn the basics of narrative writing. We know you have work stories to tell--we'll help you craft them.

Scene & Summary
Examine essential techniques for bringing your personal story to the page.

Shapes of Stories
Expand your writer's toolkit by experimenting with a variety of essay structures.

Spiritual Writing
Find the balance between the personal and the powerful, and learn how to share your thoughts with readers of differing beliefs or traditions.

Summer Boot Camp
You want to do it. You mean to do it. You’re going to do it! Ensure that you will get around to that summer writing by joining.

The Building Blocks of Personal Essay
Learn the building blocks of writing a personal essay and connect your experiences to larger truths about our world.

The Nonfiction Book Proposal
You've got a book idea or maybe you've even written the book--now what? Learn about the publishing process in this course and fine-tune your own proposal with an instructor who's been through it before.

The Revision Workshop
Learn the tools of effective micro- and macro-revision, give and get feedback from your peers, and pick up advice for submitting your work for publication.

The Shapes of Stories
Expand your writer’s toolkit by experimenting with a variety of essay structures.

The Space Between: Writing from Photographs
Explore the rich possibilities of drawing on photographs that intrigue, haunt, or prompt forgotten memories and experiences.

The Thirty-Minute Memoir
Manageable daily writing assignments will help you break down the task of writing a memoir.

Up Close: The Art of the Interview
Take a fresh look at your writing and practice one of the most powerful research techniques of creative nonfiction: the in-person interview.

Writing the Lyric Essay: When Poetry & Nonfiction Play
Experiment with form.

Writing the Personal Essay 
Whether you're a beginning or more experienced writer, learn how to tell your story with dialogue and detail while gaining a deeper understanding of form and structure.

Writing the Tough Stuff
Learn the nuances of writing about grief, loss, and pain, and how to approach tough topics in your own writing.

Zen of Process
As you connect and synthesize your ideas, you’ll see how a strong voice and structure emerge in your work—elements that, ultimately, make readers want to turn pages.

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