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Artist Interviews

Solving a Problem

An interview with Kathy Rooney
"I had strong creative urges at an early age. When I was about nine years old I drew a landscape using hand-picked stones on a slate sidewalk section in front of my house—a process that took all day."

People are Strangest

An interview with Michelle Leveille
"I simply like the label, 'creative process.' It's a juxtaposition of terms. When you're creative, you're using the spontaneous, energetic, boundless part of your spirit."

We're Not All That Normal

An interview with Michael Lotenero
" I think the things that make us uncomfortable or touch an area that seems unsettled are the things that we connect with on a deeper level. Everything else is just the noise that we all push through to make our lives seem normal and comfortable."

Giving Form to Chaos

An interview with David Wallace
"My worktable becomes a disaster area when I’m working and I am always pleasantly surprised when art crawls out of that mess."