Between the Lines

The High-Wire Act

How to string your reader along

A Priest Walks into a Bar

The case for including more humor in addiction memoirs

Wading through the Whitestream

A Conversation about Writing & Publishing When You’re Not White

The Braided Essay as Social Justice Action

Between the Lines
The braided essay isn’t new, but with its ability to combine the personal and the political, Nicole Walker argues, it may be the most effective form for our times.

The Ink That Binds

Creative Writing & Addiction
Are MFA programs too insulated?

The Joy of Writing

It’s Complicated
Using positive psychology to identify the pleasures of putting words on the page

How the Mind Works

Between the Lines
The better we understand the brain's processes, the more artful our writing can be.

The Price of Writing

Between the Lines
Why would anyone work for free? It's complicated.

Of Memoir and Memory

Making a Case for a New Type of Literary Criticism
How can we appreciate the possibilities of the genre fully without understanding how the mind works?

Write What You Don't Know

Between the Lines
How can you write nonfiction when you don't have the facts?