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Long Form, Always

An interview with Maggie Jones
The NY Times contributing writer & National Magazine Award finalist on new directions in narrative journalism, advice for emerging writers, the importance of meticulous research, and what led her to her career as a journalist.

Patience, Persistence, Precision

An interview with Anjali Sachdeva
Creative Nonfiction's director of education programs discusses carving out time to write, being precise with your language, and staying on track with writing.

Good Things Will Happen

An interview with Dinty W. Moore
The writer, teacher, founder and editor of Brevity on the riting process, connecting with readers through first-person narrative, and the financial realities of running an online magazine.

Learning How to Become a Stranger to Yourself

An interview with Saeed Jones
BuzzFeed's literary editor on the similarities between nonfiction and poetry, the beauty and treachery of social media, what makes him reject a pitch, and the importance of reading the work of other writers.

The Essayist in Search of the Essay

Research Strategies
There are countless ways to approach research. Jill Talbot asks four top-notch essayists about their methods.

Letting Go of Shame

A conversation with Suzanne Roberts
Winner of Creative Nonfiction’s $1,000 “Mistakes” essay contest.

The Spine of Success: Good Storytelling

An interview with literary agent Emily Loose
Practical advice on everything from the changing publishing landscape, the secret ingredients in a New York Times bestseller, and how to approach an agent.

Getting Around the Gatekeepers

An interview with Larry Levitsky
"We go to great lengths to work with writers to come up with really good proposals; they have to sell their idea to the crowd and upload some sample writing to give their prospective backers an insight into their writing style."

10 Reasons You Should Attend CNF's Writers' Conference

May 23-25, 2014 | Pittsburgh, PA
"There’s no better way to build community than spending a weekend in close quarters with other like-minded people."