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Beyond "Crazy": 20 True Stories of Living with Mental Illness

Now available from In Fact Books: Show Me All Your Scars more


Writer at Work
New York Times obituary writer Margalit Fox has the last word

The Pit and the Page

"I can’t think about my mother, who is dying slowly and furiously. My grief is an unpacked box of sharp pieces stacked in a dark storeroom; I lug around a catalog of unfinished business."

Success Is Part Talent & Part Perseverance

An interview with Maggie Messitt
"My process between 'note draft' and first draft is fast. What follows? Revision. Re-envisioning. Additional research. And likely some more revision. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat."

Finding the Balance Between Perfectionism & Pragmatism

An interview with Lise Funderburg
"No one's life operates in a vacuum, and to try to write dimensionally requires an understanding of context."

Rejection Comes to Everyone

An interview with Geeta Kothari
"I kept tinkering and rearranging the collection and taking stories out and putting new ones in. I could have done that forever, imagining some perfect combination that would make the book rejection-proof."

Navigating the Current

An Interview with Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth
The husband and wife duo behind Tugboat Printshop talk open up about their process, collaboration, and inspiration.

5 Reasons to Attend The 2016 Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference

May 27-29, 2016 | Pittsburgh, PA
"Writing is hard, but it’s a little easier when you know you’re in good company."

What's the Story #59

From the Editor
These days, we’re free—for better or for worse, as the traditional ceremony puts it—to pick and choose rather than relying on tradition to tell us.

The Math of Marriage

Winner: Best Essay Prize, "Marriage"
One simple equation compels the author to take a fifth trip down the aisle