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Baby Card

“Who am I to leave this stone unturned, minutes before heading into a heart transplant? What, am I not going to play the baby card?"

The Beginning of the World

“‘It’s a girl,’ I heard from somewhere. But I didn’t know what those words meant.”

Parenting Out of the Silo

"Every so often you realize you are somewhere else entirely. Not in babyland but in toddlerhood, not new and unsure but confident—and now unsure about completely different things."

Writing Pittsburgh Update

Creative Nonfiction and In Fact Books are pleased to announce the contributors to the first of three books in the Writing Pittsburgh series. more

The Price of Writing

Between the Lines
Why would anyone work for free? It's complicated.

A Real-World Education

Required Reading
Revisiting Studs Terkel's WORKING.

What's the Story #57

From the Editor
"Sometimes, the most unlikely and unexpected juxtapositions of frame and focus create the most effective stories."

Essay Contest: Childhood

We’re looking for well-crafted true stories that examine kid-dom in all its messy, exhilarating, turbulent glory. more

Putting the "Creative" in Nonfiction

An update
William Bradley responds to Dinty W. Moore's recent essay about the origins of the term "creative nonfiction."

Age, Formative

Found texts.
"When I was nine years old I began taking piano lessons. When I was nine years old I got my own library card. When I was nine years old I was diagnosed with lupus. When I was nine years old ..."