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The Importance of Connection

"For the first few years of my career I was never fully satisfied or fulfilled. I loved teaching, but I didn’t feel like teaching loved me back. Something was missing, I needed more... I realized in order to teach my students, I had to know my students."

Teaching Moments

"The role of teaching content is critical and, in my opinion, our number-one responsibility. However, as the saying goes, students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care."

"Celebrate a demanding, essential & noble profession."

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Learning from Nature is here.

Finding inspiration in the world around us. more

What's the Story #61

From the Editor
There’s a story in every design and a design in every story.

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Rejecting Perfectionism

An interview with Seth LeDonne
"Making drawings is the most erratic process."

Nature Mothers

Then & Now
From Rachel Carson to Cheryl Strayed, what women writers have found in the wild

How the Mind Works

Between the Lines
The better we understand the brain's processes, the more artful our writing can be.

An Apprentice to the World

Writer at Work
Adelheid Fischer visits biomimicry expert Janine Benyus, who puts her theories to the test in her Montana backyard.