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The Same Story

Winner: Best Essay Prize, "Mistakes"
Two young women pregnant at the same time by the same man.

Came Down a Person

Excerpt from Same Time Next Week
Plagued by shame & convinced she shouldn’t be alive, a young mother finds herself pressing a broken cereal bowl into her arm while her children play in the other room. Can an art therapist’s unconventional techniques bring this woman back from the brink?

Sleepless in Any City

Insomnia in Lorca's Madrid
I am prey to the nocturnal creaks in my mind and weak to the city creatures that stir at night. I am lonely but not alone. No one is asleep in this city. No one. No one.

A Genre by Any Other Name?

The Story Behind "Creative Nonfiction"
For as long as the term creative nonfiction has existed, people have questioned how well the expression captures what writers actually do in the genre, and more than a few have wondered why in heaven’s name we started using the term in the first place.

What's the Story #56

From the Editor
There’s a lot of waiting going on at CNF, but what we wait for most of all is compelling, informative, enticing narrative essays. Being able to publish great work is what makes all the rest of the waiting worthwhile.

Going Deeper

An interview with Leslie Rubinkowski
The CNF mentor & Goucher MFA program director talks about working with writers, the importance of research & knowing when to be a part of the story.

In Search of Moments of Real Connection

An interview with Hattie Fletcher
CNF's managing editor on the evolution and definition of creative nonfiction; connecting to our communities through first-person stories; not taking rejection personally; and what it’s like to work for a nonprofit literary organization.

Something Missing, Something Hidden

An Interview with Elizabeth Amber Rudnick
"There’s a huge gap between the experiences we feel compelled to record and the experiences that stay with us regardless of documentation."

“Hope for those seeking help”

A new collection of narratives about mental illness highlights the struggles and breakthroughs for both patients and therapists more

The Line Between Science and Writing

An interview with Jason Bittel
The freelance science writer on balancing fact and science with humor and creativity; the importance of persistence; and tapping into readers’ sense of wonder.