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What's the Story #74

From the Editor
No matter how important your story, how skillful your structure, how powerful your prose, unless you are writing so that readers understand both what you are saying and what you mean, you may lose them.

The Desert Was His Home

There are many things we don't know about Mr. Otomatsu Wada, and a few things we do

Making a Hummingbird of Words

The Story Behind the Story
“Micro-memoirs” are small but mighty

The Immortal Ones

Plants and Animals That Live Forever
Why them? What twist of fate conferred immortality on a jellyfish—and not us?

Beasts among Us

True Story #13
On a trip to rural Wisconsin—the epicenter of werewolf sightings in the US—Erica Berry searches for the elusive Beast of Bray Road and the local author whose stories have helped keep the legend alive

Writing the Tough Stuff

A FREE online writing workshop for teens more

Charging Lions

From the corral, the calls sounded again and again—loud, deranged by worry, a desperate mother’s cries of distress.

Food and Worker Safety across the Globe

A Nervous and Incomplete Case Study

Iyabo Is Yoruba for “The Mother Has Returned”

A resourceful group of farmers outside of Chicago is trying to transform one of the poorest parts of the country into a new Garden of Eden.