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What was my first line again?

Graham Shelby recalls being in the spotlight at The Moth Mainstage
Storytelling may be our oldest art form, but that doesn't mean it's easy to do.

What's the Story #52

From the Editor
The stories we tell have to matter--not only personally, but to the world at large.

The Spine of Success: Good Storytelling

An interview with literary agent Emily Loose
Practical advice on everything from the changing publishing landscape, the secret ingredients in a New York Times bestseller, and how to approach an agent.

Getting Around the Gatekeepers

An interview with Larry Levitsky
"We go to great lengths to work with writers to come up with really good proposals; they have to sell their idea to the crowd and upload some sample writing to give their prospective backers an insight into their writing style."

10 Reasons You Should Attend CNF's Writers' Conference

May 23-25, 2014 | Pittsburgh, PA
"There’s no better way to build community than spending a weekend in close quarters with other like-minded people."


Introduction from the anthology Southern Sin
"When I was a girl one of the many games my cousins and I played was one I called “worthless sinner.” The competition centered on who among us was the biggest, and therefore most worthless, sinner."

Southern Sin Anthology

NOW AVAILABLE: The latest collection from In Fact Books, featuring 23 true stories of women flirting with perdition. more

All Images Are Limited to Light and Dark

An Interview with Marcy Miranda Janes
"I have seen people discount the medium as “lacy,” or doily-like, not noticing that the lace is comprised of AK-47s and drones. Kind of like swearing in a lovely tone of voice."

Turning out the lights just isn't going to do it

An interview with environmental writer Elizabeth Kolbert
"You ask scientists, and they’re like, Yes, of course, it’s happening, and global warming is a really big deal. That shocked me. I thought, You’re kidding me. It’s so simple. Why are we even questioning this?"

Facing Facts

Introduction to the Sustainability issue
"This where the art of telling true stories comes in. To read these fascinating and suspenseful, probing and pragmatic, wry and witty, outraged and determined, engaged and valiant dispatches is to know that we can shift from paralysis to motion."