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The Butterfly Effect

Finding Sanctuary in Butterfly Town, USA
"When the monarchs hang clustered together, paralyzed by the cold, they are clasped to each other, holding the heat between them. They wait for the sun to warm them."

Strong Loyalties

On Australian Biscuits
"Fairy bread! Hundreds and thousands! These are foods that deserve their own treatment."

Title Envy


Writing Memoir and Writing for Therapy

An Inquiry on the Functions of Reflection


"Once, for instance, I lit a field on fire. It started with a haystack, and I don’t remember from where I stole the matches."

Resurrecting Our Printed Past

An interview with Stephen Knezovich
"My primary source materials are vintage books and magazines—deemed no longer useful or relevant— and rescued from thrift stores and attics and antique shops. Maybe what I’m really trying to do is give these publications a second life."