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ICYMI #005: Marvelous beasts.

Essays & craft pieces you may have missed. more

ICYMI #004: Hauntings.

Essays & craft pieces you may have missed. more

Visiting the Past

A trial lawyer applies her skills to build a complete picture of her father's past

When Your Co-Author is Missing

Writer at Work
The challenges of writing about family, when the main character can't be found

This Is My Oldest Story

True Story #15
Haunted by the long-unsolved mystery of a classmate’s disappearance, Emily tries to make sense of a terrible story that isn’t really hers to tell—but that also shaped her entire life.

The Memory Train

On hemispheres of thought


An Ohio Gothic


Miracles of reappearance and the Lazarus species

Self-Guided Course: Write Your Memoir Month

Break the potentially overwhelming task of writing a memoir into manageable daily writing assignments. more

The Risks & Rewards of Writing Memoir

Free Webinar & AMA with CNF founder Lee Gutkind more