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Unforeseen Errors

An interview with Rigel Stuhmiller
"No handmade print is perfect. The errors usually add interest to the artwork and give it a lot of character."

Solving a Problem

An interview with Kathy Rooney
"I had strong creative urges at an early age. When I was about nine years old I drew a landscape using hand-picked stones on a slate sidewalk section in front of my house—a process that took all day."

People are Strangest

An interview with Michelle Leveille
"I simply like the label, 'creative process.' It's a juxtaposition of terms. When you're creative, you're using the spontaneous, energetic, boundless part of your spirit."

We're Not All That Normal

An interview with Michael Lotenero
" I think the things that make us uncomfortable or touch an area that seems unsettled are the things that we connect with on a deeper level. Everything else is just the noise that we all push through to make our lives seem normal and comfortable."

The Girl in the Surf

Exploitation vs. Documentation