Advanced Memoir: From First Sentence to Resolution

Advanced Level // 10-Week Online Course

Advanced Memoir: From First Sentence to Resolution

April 12 - June 20

$435 if registered by 03/22/2021
$485 if registered after 03/22/2021

Advanced Courses require prerequisites for enrollment. If you purchase this course, you will be contacted to confirm that you meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • completed an intermediate level course & one additional course (self-guided courses do not apply), or
  • have an MFA in creative nonfiction, or
  • have a strong publishing record.

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Instructor: Kase Johnstun

This class is designed for writers who are ready to tackle the challenges of longer excerpts and full-length manuscripts. Over the course of 10 weeks, we will look at how to start a full manuscript, how to conceptualize and write “critical chapters,” and how to use/write a resolution in memoir when it must reflect real life.  We will also look at the importance of Truth in memoir. When is it okay to fill in gaps, cut or combine characters, or or speed up narrative to write an entertaining scene or narrative? You will learn the advanced technique of creating a contract between you, the author, and your reader, look at expanding your memoir beyond the the personal (the “I”), and practice incorporating the world surrounding your story using scene, research, and detail.

Week 1: Framing and Scaffolding of the Memoir and Individual Chapters
Week 2: First Sentences and First Chapters -- Establishing Voice
Week 3: Description for the Sake of Moving the Narrative Forward
Week 4: Tackling the Hardest Part of Writing Memoir
Week 5: Interviewing Others to Enrich Your Memoir
Week 6: Taking the “ME” out of Memoir
Week 7: Writing Climactic Chapters in Memoir
Week 8: Writing a Resolution in Memoir
Week 9: Landscape, Setting, and Moving through the World
Week 10: Publishing and the Ethics of Publishing Truth

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Refund, discount, and cancellation policies

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