Approaching Mystery: Writing Flash Memoir about Wonder and the Unexplained

Fundamentals Level // 5-Week Online Class

Approaching Mystery: Writing Flash Memoir about Wonder and the Unexplained

April 12 -  May 16

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Instructor: Joanna Cooper

Flash poses a challenge: how to tell a meaningful story in few words.

This course will show you how the flash memoir form is particularly suited to representing the mystery of the writer’s mind. Even as it remains grounded in the reality of lived experience, flash memoir can capture the absurd or surreal quality of everyday life.

The short pieces you compose in this course could become foundations for longer works (essay/memoir) or remain stand alone "flash" pieces. Alternately, you could see them as writing practice, as a way to loosen up and access your creativity. You will explore the parameters and promises of creative nonfiction and how the particular conventions of the flash essay can be a rich source of inspiration.

In this course you will:

  • focus on judicious use of concrete detail, development of individual voice, and creation of character and scene through suggestion;
  • engage in creative play and discovery, even as you delve into serious subjects;
  • receive feedback from the instructor along the way; and by the end of the course; and
  • develop  a portfolio of flash pieces or a longer essay composed of shorter vignettes.

Week 1: Childhood Scenes: Image as Anchor and Key
Week 2: Secrets, Slippage, and the Mystery of the Everyday
Week 3: Memory, Grief, and Wonder
Week 4: Memoir, the Surreal, and the Writer's Mind
Week 5: Locating the Self/Jumping Off

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