Beyond Nature Writing: Introduction to Environmental Writing

Fundamentals Level // 5-Week Online Course

Beyond Nature Writing: Introduction to Environmental Writing

April 12 -  May 16

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Instructor: Marissa Landrigan

Essayists are well-versed in adventures into the depths of the mind and heart, or excavations of the past. But environmental writing asks us to look outward, beyond the self, to consider the mysteries of the universe or the dirt beneath our feet. This course will show you how to balance the internal and the external, how to look around without losing your sense of self, and how to write an essay about your environment, whatever it looks like.

Environmental writing does not only mean writing about nature. Whether natural or manmade, wild or settled, beautiful, ugly, or sterile, any and all environments are worthy of deeper exploration. Together, we’ll train ourselves to see any place as full of stories waiting to be told, and to write about both the darkness and the light of any landscape. Through a series of generative writing prompts, you’ll begin several essays, and will submit one longer work for detailed feedback.

In this course, you will:

  • focus on the development of an individual narrative voice, even as you consider external subjects;
  • learn to transform scientific and natural details into sources of figurative language;
  • explore the possibilities of scientific research, from source material to field studies; and
  • respond to weekly brainstorming prompts for peer and instructor feedback, develop one longer essay, and receive detailed feedback from the instructor and your peers. nonfiction.


Weekly outline:

Week 1: Placing Yourself
Week 2: Cultivating Wonder
Week 3: Gathering Sources
Week 4: Confronting Darkness
Week 5: Harvesting Words

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