The Blank Page: Working Through Writer's Block

5-week Online Class

The Blank Page: Working Through Writer's Block

January 9 - February 12

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Instructor: Rhonda Miller

Writer’s block can take many forms—whether it’s not being able to get any words on the page, or not being able to get the right words on the page. But knowing the enemy can help you get unblocked. In this course, participants will explore the myths and realities of writer’s block, experiment with prompts and short exercises, and learn from other experienced writers who’ve figured out how to keep their momentum. Develop a steady writing practice and learn to trust yourself and your process—and most important, keep writing.

Week 1: Writer’s Block: Myth or Monster?
Week 2: Your Personal Relationship with Writer’s Block
Week 3: Writing around Writer’s Block
Week 4: Unblocking Your Creative Project
Week 5: Keeping Writer’s Block in your Rear View Mirror

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