Up Close: The Art of the Interview

5 Week Online Course

Up Close: The Art of the Interview

January 08 - February 11

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Instructor: Rhonda Miller

This five-week online class will inspire you to take a fresh look at your writing and practice one of the most powerful elements of creative nonfiction – the in-person interview. Today, writers can access rivers of information on the Internet, but the ease of finding details can create a false sense that one can simply write without ever having to meet anyone for a conversation. Interviews can add layered depth to your writing. We’ll review examples of types of interviews and how they can enliven your essays, memoirs, books, op ed pieces, theater reviews, or book reviews.

How it works: Writers in this course will examine and discuss what makes a compelling interview. This is a hands-on course. There will be two assignments for in-person interviews, one to prime the pump and one that will force each participant to stretch their skills in interviewing, writing, analysis, editing, and rewriting. In addition to the two interviews, this course will require posting commentary and being engaged with other writers through an online class discussion board. There will be one optional video chat during the second week of the course. Reading and writing assignments will be given weekly and there is no need to be online at any particular time.

Week 1: Classic and Nontraditional Interviews
Week 2: Basics of Interviewing
Week 3: Working the Interviews
Week 4: On the Road and Into the Unknown
Week 5: Reality Check on Demand for Your Interview

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