Extraordinary Embodiment: Writing Chronic Illness & Disability

5-Week Online Class

Extraordinary Embodiment: Writing Chronic Illness & Disability

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June 25 - July 30
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Instructor: Sonya Huber

Although illness and disability are universal human experiences, written works about these experiences can be narrowly categorized by publishers, editors, market forces and even reader expectations into “inspirational” narratives that limit our reflection and complex experience, shutting down our creative work and our inquiry. How do you write freely, understanding and pushing against the expected narratives that hold you back?

PLEASE NOTE: This class is limited to those who are writing about their own bodies and minds.

While the perspective of the caregiver and the family member is equally important, the issue of writing about others brings up a range of challenges that require their own attention. Therefore, the brevity of this class requires a focus, so this class is designed for those who have some experience with memoir and narrative essays and want to focus on writing about personal experiences with chronic illness and/or disability.

Week 1: Immersion in Flash Prose
Week 2: What Science Sees and Cannot See
Week 3: Shaping Longer Essays
Week 4: Resistance & Manifesto
Week 5: Experimental and Visual Forms

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