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Find Your Niche: Writing for the Web

Fundamentals Level // 10-Week Online Course

Find Your Niche: Writing for the Web

April 08 - June 16

$435 if registered by 03/18/2019
$485 if registered after 03/18/2019

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Instructor: Becky Tuch

Writers are often told that they need to have an online presence, but this task can feel overwhelming. How do you break in? What should you focus on? Get involved in politics or steer clear? This course will introduce you to the "best practices" for web writing and help you dive in successfully.

We will look at examples of outstanding personal blogs, op-eds, essays and articles in order to understand differences among the forms and why certain pieces resonate with readers; we’ll also consider pieces that don't quite hit the mark in order to understand what's missing. We’ll explore various approaches to web writing so that you may try a variety of techniques, building on your own interests and strengths and ultimately finding a public voice that feels right. The basics of crafting article pitches, self-promotion, and cultivating persistence will also be covered.

Whether you have a forthcoming book for which you hope to grow a readership and/or simply want to learn how to pitch and place articles with online publications, this workshop will provide you with the tools you need to sharpen your voice and build your online platform.

Week 1: What is Writing for the Web?
Week 2: What Makes Online Pieces Resonate with Readers?
Week 3: Writing the How-To Article
Week 4: The Open Letter
Week 5: Responding to Public Discourse
Week 6: The List
Week 7: The Review
Week 8: Responsible Web Writing through Revisions
Week 9: The Interview
Week 10: Crafting the Pitch, Promoting Your Work, Being Brave and Persistent

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