How to Write Angry, Honestly

Intermediate Level // 5-Week Online Course

How to Write Angry, Honestly

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January 11 - February 14

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Instructor: Sarah Cannon

Often, the stories we most want—and need—to tell involve difficult people or circumstances. We write about people from whom we’re estranged or whom (gulp) we hate, about unfair curveballs life throws us, about the times we were wronged (or times we were just wrong). Sounding off in a first draft can certainly be satisfying, and it can be tempting to use our writing to settle scores—but in most cases readers are put off by writing that feels like a hit job or a character assassination.

How can we remain true to our stories and our strong feelings, while also crafting stories that reach into the hearts of others? In this course, we’ll learn how to express our strong feelings with candor as well as compassion. We’ll also explore how the writing process can help us get closer to resolving complicated feelings and create meaningful work that helps us better understand the human condition.

Week 1: Follow the Heat
Week 2: Axe to Grind
Week 3: Love Thy Enemy
Week 4: It’s Your Choice
Week 5: Kindness is Free

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